Your local guide to addiction treatment options in Durban, South Africa. Understanding the intricacies of the addiction landscape in Durban is crucial, and this platform seeks to offer detailed, localized insights to help individuals find the most fitting treatment solutions.

Carina Kruger – Your Local Guide

Carina Kruger stands at the heart of this platform, a dedicated blogger deeply rooted in Durban’s recovery community. Her commitment to assisting those battling addiction is evident through her meticulous research and detailed insights on the city’s treatment options.

Having worked with Changes Rehab in Johannesburg and Gareth Carter from We Do Recover. Carina gained insights and an intimate knowledge rehabs in South Africa and decided to focus her experience in helping people in Durban and its rehab centres, Carina guides readers through the myriad of choices, ensuring they have the most up-to-date and relevant information to make informed decisions about their recovery process.

But Carina’s passions extend beyond her advocacy for addiction recovery. She’s a talented artist who often expresses her emotions and experiences through her paintings. A regular at art exhibitions, Carina finds solace and inspiration in the world of art. Additionally, her commitment to Durban’s community shines through as she volunteers at various upliftment projects, aiming to make a lasting positive impact on the lives of its residents.

If you’re in Durban and are seeking guidance on addiction treatment or simply wish to understand the local landscape better, Carina’s insights are invaluable. Dive in, and discover the resources and support that Durban offers.


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